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Alicia Hilton

FBI Academy

For 16 weeks in 1991, Alicia was a member of FBI Academy New Agent Training Class 91-9. As a team, NAC 91-9 toiled in the classroom, sweated in the gym and on the track, fired thousands of rounds on the range, experienced sleep deprivation and other stressors, and forged lasting friendships.

On July 17, 1991, Alicia and her training class graduated from the Academy and embarked on their careers as FBI Special Agents. Although she resigned from the FBI to attend law school, Alicia maintains strong ties to the law enforcement community.

To learn more about careers with the FBI, visit the FBI's website.


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NAC 91-9's class shirt features our motto

Academy dorm buildings were named after U.S. Presidents.
Notice the body armor hanging above Alicia's bed.

NAC 91-9's Academy classroom.
Trainees were seated alphabetically.

NAC 91-9's unofficial mascot,
the groundhog that lived in the central Academy courtyard.